Arrow Rock Restaurants

Fine dining and bakery goods available in Arrow Rock.

Dinner at the Inn

Dinner at the Inn is served nightly at 6:00 pm in the main level dining room, with a reservation.  Wholesome food, made fresh!  Each dinner consists of an appetizer, soup or salad, sides, main dish, bread & dessert, along with complimentary beverages.  Cost is $22.50, tax included.  Dinner is served promptly, no wait.  The only place available in Arrow Rock for an indoor sit-down meal.  Call 660-837-3352 to make a reservation or if booking a room use the add-on to automatically reserve a place at the table.  We look forward to making your next visit to Arrow Rock delicious!  Ardee & Penny   

(660) 837-3352

A local burger joint.  Outdoor seating only.  Located in Arrow Rock, 0.1 mile from the Inn.

(660) 837-3324