Arrow Rock Restaurants

Fine dining and bakery goods available in Arrow Rock.

Dinner at the Inn

Dinner at the Inn is served nightly at 6:00 pm in the main level dining room, with a reservation.  Wholesome food, made fresh!  Each dinner consists of an appetizer, soup or salad, sides, main dish, bread & dessert, along with complimentary beverages.  Cost is $22.50, tax included.  Dinner is served promptly, no wait.  Call 660-837-3352 to make a reservation or if booking a room use the add-on to automatically reserve a place at the table.  We look forward to making your next visit to Arrow Rock delicious!  Ardee & Penny   

(660) 837-3352

Serving dinner following Lyceum Theatre performances June through September and also in December.  Reservations needed as they have limited seating. Located in Arrow Rock, 0.1 mile from the Inn.

(660) 837-3324