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Ardee & I have stayed very busy serving Dinner at the Inn.  So busy I hadn't gotten an opportunity to post the menu. 

July's Theme is All-American Cookout.  Dinner is served in the dining room on the main level of the Inn at 6:30 pm. 

There is no wait, it's all you can eat & beverages included.  $22.50 per person. 

Reservations are required & it's best to give us a 24 hour notice.  


“Travel Matters” is the theme for this year’s National Travel & Tourism Week, May 5-11.  Travel & Tourism is very important to Arrow Rock so I would like to share a few observations. 



Ardee and I were recently gifted with a bouquet of lilacs harvested from bushes dating back to the early 1800's. 

They were beautiful and very fragrant. 


Trees and flowers alike are currently blooming in Arrow Rock, making a drive around town delightful and sweet smelling. 

Dogwoods, lilacs, tulips,...



Flint Creek Inn's April Newsletter has just been published.  You can read it here.





Thanks for stopping by our blog.  Our March newsletter has just been published and you can follow the link here.  A great Irish Soda recipe is included and you don't want to miss it!



Ardee and I are thrilled to announce that Dinner at the Inn is now available.

The kitchen and dining room have been remodeled in anticipation of great times celebrating with you around the table. 

When making your room reservation simply choose the add-on for Dinner at the Inn. 

Safe travels & hope to see you soon!  Penny