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Our Bakery will be opening on July 1st and will be open daily 8:00 am - Noon. 

Check out our Breakfast Takeout tab to read over our breakfast menu.  Comfortable & Delicious is what you will find at Flint Creek Inn & Bakery!



Ardee & I hope you are all doing well & staying healthy.  These are definitely strange times we are living in and hopefully things improve soon.  To that end, we want to hopefully answer some of your questions about a stay at Flint Creek Inn in the near future.

We continue to remain closed as Saline county is a bit of a hot spot currently.  We are working with the health department very closely and will keep you informed as to a reopening.


In spite of all that is happening in the world, may your day be filled with peace and joy!

Happy Easter,  Ardee & Penny




I found this recipe several years ago when doing a recipe search.  It was supposedly from an Innkeeper named David but was not tagged as to who this David might be. 

If upon reading this you know where this recipe originated from, please let me know via our contact page.  I would love to know, so I can thank David. 

I have made this more times then I can count as it is a guest favorite.  Leave out...


     I have always been a fan of April Fool’s Day.  When I was young, I had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with my Poppop (maternal grandfather).  He was indeed a jokester. 

I always appreciated the laughter and joy we had when we were together.  



Due to many safety issues brought on by COVID-19 Ardee & I have decided to close for the month of April 2020.  We wish all our customers good health and safety during this difficult time.  



Did you know that eggs contain selenium, which helps boost your immune system. 

Egg cups are an easy way to change up your egg routine so you don't get bored. 

Keep eating this great protein & stay healthy!!!




March 17, 2020

Many businesses around us are currently closing down due to the Coronavirus.  We however have implemented extra measures of caution and will continue to remain open unless notified by our state authorities.  


We have always taken great care in keeping things clean and sanitary. 

Thank you to our "Spring Cleaning Crew",  aka our daughter's family, in assisting with our Spring Deep Clean.

We truly appreciate all you do to help keep Flint Creek Inn running smoothly!!!



Ardee and I hope you are having a safe winter wherever this finds you.  Cold, snowy and wet, pretty much sums things up.  It is reassuring to know that Spring is right around the corner.